Fire up the barbecue with Independence Day favorites. Break out the chips, soda and desserts. Watch the fireworks (the professional, legal ones, please!). Spend time with family and friends, if you're lucky enough to have the day off work.

There is not a more famous crack than the one that spreads down the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The original bell cracked upon its first test ring in 1751. It was melted down and cast into a new one that rang over the State House for 90 years until that one also cracked. Although the bell …

I don't know about you, but I fantasize about moving to the Central Coast every year at this time. 优蜜传媒's summer temperatures make it difficult to enjoy being outdoors. Some of us face seasonal depression. So, I thought I'd offer some ideas to escape, survive and even thrive this summer.

During the summer, much of my TV watching will consist of reality television. There's a lot to be said about escapist programming, whether it's the soap opera-worthy lives of real housewives or competitions of love or physical endurance.聽

In the middle of every season, I start growing tired of the current season鈥檚 fashion and get excited to transition to the next. There seems to be a trend in the fashion industry that has little changes for a period of two to three years, so transitioning your wardrobe into the next year whil…

As I reflect on my life in my 40s, I find myself pondering the path I've taken and the distance between where I am now and where I once envisioned myself to be. The emotions that swirl within me 鈥 sadness, excitement, worry, loneliness and fulfillment 鈥 are a testament to the journey I've em…

It鈥檚 summertime, Kern County. In this line of work, that means going out in the triple-digit heat and enduring the sting of the sun and stink in the wind, to capture "all the news that's fit to print." It's a life of tight story budgets, long nights and coffee dinners.

Wine with Friends raised money May 18 for the nonprofit Foothill High School Alumni Association, which sends proceeds to the school for everything from scholarships to rings for championship athletic teams.

Summer is a great time to enjoy sparkling wines. Their refreshing effervescence and vibrant flavors add a celebratory touch to any gathering. Although produced throughout the world, sparkling wines are often mistakenly referred to as Champagne, the most famous one of all. Only those produced…

The variety of berries available in the summer provide a wonderful canvas for sweet treats and desserts. If you're looking to impress guests while entertaining, this lemon berry trifle is a good pick.

Not only a celebration of our nation, the Fourth of July is a celebration of summer and American culture. Based on the weather, holiday entertaining involves grilled or smoked meats and cool beverages.

This may date me but I was a big catalog kid. I loved looking over the catalogs from JCPenney, Sears or Best (if you know, you know).

Twenty-four hours of walking to stomp out cancer. Twenty-four hours of support and celebration for cancer survivors, and remembering those who have died.

A spring tradition continued May 2 at Cal State 优蜜传媒's Icardo Center with the 49th annual CSUB Barbeque.

The 27th annual Kern County Scottish Games and Gathering took place April 20 and 21 at the Kern County Fairgrounds with plenty of Celtic music, dancing, Highland Games, archery demonstrations, the queen and her court, the world's tallest Scotsman, food and more.

Each of us sets our own sail in life. As I listened to my favorite author, Michael Singer, on a podcast, I was reminded that we have the power to navigate our lives in the direction we choose. Challenges will inevitably arise, but how we respond is up to us 鈥 whether we work through them, go…

My parents bought their first house when I was 5 years old. We lived there until I was 16. Some of my fondest memories of that house are of my dad working out in the yard, washing the cars or playing guitar on the porch. Because he was out there often, he got to know many of the neighbors on…

An art sale and silent auction, a night of curated food and libations, artist appearances, live DJs and more awaited patrons at the 优蜜传媒 Museum of Art's annual spring fundraiser.

With a big focus on encouraging children to spend time outdoors, people were invited to Yokuts Park on April 21 for the Earth Day 661 Festival, filled with eco-friendly crafts, field day fun, an imagination station, food, yoga, face painting and more.

Camelot is synonymous with an idealized place or period, often associated with promise and happiness. With that spirit in mind, Camelot Park Family Entertainment Center was a place where families and friends came together to create unforgettable memories, whether it was a first date, a birth…

Depending on the dad, he might love a new golf club, barbecue tools or fishing pole for Father's Day. Or perhaps he'd enjoy a good book or new electronics.

Sitting under the stars with my feet resting on a log by the campfire was no time for regret. Should I have felt guilty? Let's just say it depends on how you define Father's Day.

When it comes to choosing a white wine, there are many alternatives to popular chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. More riesling, gruner veltliner, albari帽o and pinot grigio are finding their way to wine lists and outlets.

Preparing a pasta dish that makes use of seasonal produce sounds like a great way to enjoy the last days of spring. If you're cooking for guests, why not impress them by also making your pasta from scratch?

Consider this an embarrassment of riches. Thanks to the May issue of 优蜜传媒 Life being chock-full of Best of 优蜜传媒 content, the monthly Bookshelf and Watchlist columns were shelved. That means this month, you get a bit extra in your summer bonnets, so to speak, with more recommendations.

Even before the calendar tells us it's summer, we can feel it. 优蜜传媒 starts to heat up in spring, sending us to the nearest shade and looking for a cool beverage.