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Designed by Daniel Cater of Cater Design Group and built by Wallace & Smith General Contractors, 918 at Eastchester offers what Sage calls a "boutique hotel vibe" with an elevator and interior corridors, as well as a roof terrace and a gym with stationary bikes, a rowing machine, exercise weights and regularly scheduled fitness classes.

For the first time in years, renting an average聽优蜜传媒 apartment has become less expensive, though only slightly so, according to a report out this week that also noted vacancies got a little harder to find.

The second-quarter summary of 13,000 units citywide said 优蜜传媒's average rent growth reversed, falling to a negative 0.4% 鈥 a rare decrease in local housing costs. A year earlier it settled at about 2.2% after topping 8% as recently as 2022.