In the aftermath of Saturday's shooting in Butler, Pa., The Californian asked local politicians and others active in politics聽how the weekend's events changed their view of the presidential election and what the shooting says about the state of U.S. politics, as well as what should be done a…

A high-profile bill to shore up accountability over the state鈥檚 handling of California鈥檚 鈥渢roubled teens鈥 unanimously passed out of the state Assembly鈥檚 Human Services Committee on Wednesday.

The 优蜜传媒 City Council on Wednesday approved the $16 million construction of the Friant-Kern Canal path, a six-mile-by-12-foot asphalt towpath that officials said is 12 years in the making and will run perpendicular to the 36.3-mile Kern River pathway.

Seven months after it was first announced, a first-of-its-kind Eviction Prevention Program was approved by the 优蜜传媒 City Council Wednesday, despite concerns from community advocates who feel it鈥檚 not properly equipped to handle the region鈥檚 demand.

City officials reviewed plans Tuesday for the eventual rollout of an Active Transportation Plan, which would serve as 优蜜传媒鈥檚 lodestar in all future projects, programs and policies aimed at making it safer 鈥 and quicker 鈥 to travel about without a car.

Frustrations surrounding the longstanding delay of a new Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic in 优蜜传媒 resurfaced last week as the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that, if signed into law, would compel the Veterans Affairs Department to proceed with construction by Septe…

Citing the possibility of a pending criminal matter, an attorney for Zack Scrivner secured a six-month postponement in the聽Kern County supervisor's divorce case during a brief proceeding Thursday that was聽unattended by either of the two parties.

One day after he was sworn into the House of Representatives, Rep. Vince Fong, R-优蜜传媒, announced Tuesday his appointment to two congressional committees 鈥 the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

A little more than six months remain until the November election, and 优蜜传媒 Assemblyman Vince Fong 鈥 fresh off his 60.6% victory Tuesday 鈥 has an important message for his voters: Vote for me. But also, don鈥檛 vote for me.

After an intense week of lobbying with hundreds of potential laws still to consider, the bill that would bring a state medical school to Kern County cleared the Assembly鈥檚 origin vote Wednesday with no opposition, advancing it to the state Senate floor for consideration.

Republican Vince Fong, the 优蜜传媒 assemblyman who began his political ascension as a district director under former Rep. Kevin McCarthy, handily won Tuesday's special runoff election to serve out the remainder of the term vacated by his longtime mentor.

Following weeks of hearsay and heated debate, discord between Kern鈥檚 elected leaders and the public took a productive tone Tuesday as the county counsel outlined potential paths by聽which Supervisor Zack Scrivner may vacate office early 鈥斅燼nd the steps constituents may take to replace him.

More than 600 kids at Millie G. Munsey Elementary came back from spring break last month to find central walkways that were normally covered in dirt, graffiti and vagrants suddenly replaced with neat concrete and roses.