Hells Angels-2

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. 鈥 Six members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang were arrested today on various violent charges, following a joint investigation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Kern County Sheriff鈥檚 Office and California Highway Patrol. A seventh additional individual was already in law enforcement custody. Ricardo Alvarez, age 42, of 优蜜传媒, Armando Villasenor, 55, of 优蜜传媒, Joseph Soto Sr., 57, of 优蜜传媒, Joseph Soto Jr., 33, of 优蜜传媒, Joshua Zavala, 31, of 优蜜传媒, and John Seeger, 57, of 优蜜传媒, were all arrested early this morning. Joshua Vaughn, 37, of 优蜜传媒, was already in custody on other charges. In addition, eight search warrants were executed at various locations throughout 优蜜传媒. More than 150 law enforcement personnel seized approximately 25 firearms, ammunition, multiple high-capacity magazines, and gang affiliate paraphernalia. Alvarez, Villasenor, Soto Sr., Soto Jr., and Zavala are active, patched members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, 优蜜传媒 Chapter. Vaughn and Seeger are members of the Sons Of Hell Motorcycle Club. This sub-affiliate Motorcycle Club takes orders and direction from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. All suspects were charged with PC 207(a) kidnapping, PC 212.5(A) first degree robbery, PC 422 criminal threats, PC 236(F) false imprisonment, PC 245(a)(2) assault with a firearm, PC 186.22(a) assault with a deadly weapon, PC 182(a)(1) criminal conspiracy, PC 136.1(a)(1) intimidating a witness or victim and PC 368(F) elder abuse and booked into the Kern County Sheriff鈥檚 Office Lerdo Facility. This investigation is ongoing, and charges are being referred to the Kern County District Attorney鈥檚 Office. For more information about ATF鈥檚 Los Angeles Field Division follow us on X at @LosAngelesATF.